The Stitching Hour

Fall 2018

A multi-modal work transforming the processes of making fabric into movement, sound and light.

Collaboratively developed with Ash Arder as Fringe Society.

Performance and experiential marketplace installed on Livernois Ave, also know as the Avenue of Fashion, in Detroit, Mi. The marketplace was populated with caps and shirts hand dyed with indigo, handwoven textiles and zines containing the prompts and poetry used to develop the project.

Over a number of weeks, performers were introduced to the processes of fiber extraction, spinning, indigo dyeing and floor loom weaving through hands on demonstrations, prompts for somatic movement exercise and discussion.

The prompts, or Scores, below were developed by Ash Arder and myself in consultation with movement practitioner Jennifer Harge through a process of ‘living in’ our experiences with textile craft for an intensive session. Please feel free to utilize these Scores as prompts for movement, meditation or anything else — just credit Fringe Society in any work.

Videos by Jeff Tabb


Fiber Extraction

Fiber Score

Imagine you are filled with a material you cannot control (10 min.)
a. What is the texture of it?
b. How does the material move?
Locate the source of the material in your body (10 min.)
a. What is its origin? (how did it come to be inside you?)
Let it lead you. (10 min.)
a. Where is it taking you?
b. Why?
Harness it in your core. (10 min.)
Pull it out
Look at it.
Make it into a rope. (10 min.)
a. Your life depends on it.

The amount of time included is a suggestion, feel free to adjust if desired.


Spinning Score

This exercise is best done in groups of two or more.

1. Recall the material that filled you as it has transitioned into a new state.
a. What died in this transition?
2. What still has to die? What remains necessary to carry?
3. Find its rhythm. // Follow it.
4. Exaggerate the rhythm.
5. Put the rhythm in your hands
a. Put the rhythm in your hair.
b. Put the rhythm in your mouth.
6. What does it sound like? What does it taste like?
7. Swallow the rhythm. Allow it to sit in your core.
8. Find a partner. Lock eyes.
(Let your partner return to the rhythm. Witness your partner. Switch)
9. Find yourselves moving together.
-how close or how far apart are you?
-are you moving in unison or opposition?
-is there discord?

Find balance.

10. Create a spell together with your bodies.

Conjure a vision of the future.

Hold it.

Indigo Dyeing

Indigo Score


Create your own prompts for a 10-15 minute movement exercise using this as your guiding framework.


Weaving Score

This exercise is best done in groups of two or more.

The fabric of time and space are interwoven, the web upon which all things move.
Infinite in its scope, buoyant and generous in its capacity to hold. An immensity greater than the sum of its parts, each part becomes as important as the whole.

embody a single, simple movement
repeat the movement
meet another, find the intersection
find unison, become whole
moving together, create a cycle  
hold that cycle for as long as feels natural,
then create another

find an ending