Winter 2014

Black Forest, Detail


Fueled by an obsession with nature documentaries and the diversity of biomes on Earth, this series examines the qualities complex woven structures share with landscapes in aerial view.

Photography by Samantha Otto

Black Forest, Detail

Black Forest, Detail

Black Forest, Detail

Black Forest, Detail

Black Forest

Meditations on forest and field at night.

Experiments in 12 shaft honeycomb. Cotton, Linen and Rayon

Nocturnal, Detail

Diurnal, Detail

Nocturnal and Diurnal

Meditations on the drastic changes in life between the day and night, especially in rainforest and desert biomes.

Nocturnal: woven shibori in 12 shafts, color discharged and dyed. Cotton.

Diurnal: experimental waffle structure in 12 shafts. Cotton.

When the Forest Sheds its Skin

When the Forest Sheds its Skin

Places are more than points in space and time, more than containers for events--they are emergent entities engaged in constant becoming. With this in mind, what do the memories of place look like and where do they reside? What becomes of that memory once outgrown?

More specifically, what memories does the forest hold? Does it ever shed memory? If so, where do they go?

12 shaft turned draft. Cotton, Dye.

When the Forest Sheds its Skin, Detail

Spirit of Spring, Detail

Spirit of Spring

Inspired by terraced fields for cultivating tea, part of the costume for Dragon Well Spring.

Organic honeycomb design in 4 shafts. Linen.

A Year on the Tibetan Plateau, Detail

A Year on the Tibetan Plateau

Meditation on the cycle of the seasons in Tibet.

8 shaft twill. Cotton, Linen, Rayon and Wool.