Winter/Spring 2016

A series of works interjecting the process of weaving into active nightclub spaces.


Tires. Detroit, Mi

A two-part event celebrating the vastness of the cosmos in its smallest and largest scales. Conceptually developed by curator Ava Ansari around Planck length, believed to be the smallest measurement with any meaning, the event featured multiple performers, artists and DJs tasked with interpreting this core concept.

This performance was a way to engage the metaphor of the universe as a fabric, consisting of minute threads and interstices—reflecting the macrocosm of space with the microcosm of loom weaving.

In the second iteration, pictured on the lower right, the loom was moved to provide partygoers better access the process and the concept directly through verbal interaction.


Mutant Disco

City Club. Detroit, Mi

Mutant Disco was an industrial club night with a dedicated focus to integrating visual arts into the party experience.

This installation was an experiment in creating a hybrid woven fabric by interlacing physical yarns with projections of digital lines and other imagery.